Why Sports Clubs?

Local sports clubs play a big role in the health and wellbeing of communities. They are the places children and young people spend their time being active, so it makes sense to provide healthy options to fuel kids' activity.

Vic Kids Eat Well can support sports clubs to promote water as the drink of choice and provide healthier food options for children, young people and their families. 

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Many sports clubs are already providing delicious, healthy foods and drinks. By joining the Vic Kids Eat Well movement, your club can create healthier environments where kids can thrive.

Any sports club in Victoria with players aged 5 -18 years that provides foods and/or drinks can participate in Vic Kids Eat Well.

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What is involved?

We understand that local sports clubs have very different food environments and that they often operate thanks to the hard work of volunteers. We have designed a set of healthy eating actions for sports clubs after wide consultation with our partners, sports clubs and state sporting associations. Once you register you will be connected with a health promotion professional who will work with you to make healthy changes in your club. Work your way through the bites, collecting rewards and celebrating your success as you go.

Actions Small bite Big bite
Refresh the fridge

Water is promoted and freely available

Switch to healthier drinks

All small bites

Switch up the snacks

Refuel with fruit

Switch to healthier snacks

All small bites

Change up the menu


New healthier food options are introduced and promoted

Not applicable

Put the 'fun' into fundraising and marketing

Healthy rewards are presented

Get creative with healthy fundraising

All small bites

For more details on the specific steps involved with each bite, check out our resources.


View our case studies to see what changes sports clubs have done.

Case Studies

Are you a sport and recreation facility?

 We have developed a set of actions to support sport and recreation facilities to work towards the healthy choice guidelines. Learn how your sport and recreation facility can get involved.

Join now to be connected with a health promotion professional who will work with you to take your next steps to creating a healthier environment for your sports club.

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