Loved seeing our on-the-ground team in person!

Thursday 22 June, 2023

Over May and June, our Vic Kids Eat Well Reflection Workshops were a fantastic opportunity for us all to come together (in real life!) to share successes and ideas around helping community organisations get the most out of our program.


Our team of health promoters and community engagement professionals are tightly connected to local schools, clubs and community organisations where kids spend time all over Victoria. Thanks to this trusted team of community-based health promoters and Healthy Kids Advisors, we have over 700 Vic Kids Eat Well members state-wide – wow! As part of Vic Kids Eat Well, these are professionals who help review menus and inspire 'bite-sized' changes that work for each unique food environment.

With over 100 attendees across three workshops in Shepparton, Ballarat and Melbourne, each event allowed time and space to share many wonderful experiences and ideas. Participants left feeling energised and inspired about the Vic Kids Eat Well movement. 


The workshops have provided valuable insight for the Vic Kids Eat Well team; they will inform our plans as we continue to build the program. The information we’ve gathered will also allow us to create new resources to support our experienced health promoters, Healthy Kids Advisors and the people at each school, sports club or community organisation who are passionate about boosting menus and creating lasting change for kids.

Thank you to everyone who attended.