Why Schools?

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A great education starts with kids having energy from a variety of healthy foods to focus and learn at school. Offering delicious and healthy foods and drinks gives children and young people the fuel they need to power through their school day.

Your school can make a big difference to the health and wellbeing of students by creating a healthy food and drink environment. When children and young people eat healthy foods in their everyday lives, they can be more alert and interested in activities, which can improve their concentration, memory and learning.

Providing healthy foods and drinks in schools is a requirement of the Department of Education and Training’s Canteens, Healthy Eating and Other Food Services.  Vic Kids Eat Well can help you on your way to meet the school food services policy and provide a healthier environment that supports the children and young people in your care.

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Schools across Victoria are deciding to stock their canteens and vending machines with delicious, healthy options and healthier marketing. They're also working with their food service providers to boost healthy options that can be selected by kids for lunch orders. By joining the Vic Kids Eat Well movement, your school can also create a healthy environment where kids can thrive.

Any school that provides foods and/or drinks or has food/drink-based marketing or fundraising can participate in Vic Kids Eat Well.

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What is involved?

Once you register you will be connected with a health promotion professional who will work with you to make healthy changes in your school. 

Your school may have already made healthy changes to meet the requirements of the Canteens, Healthy Eating and Other Food Services, or may be just beginning. You may wish to start with a ‘small bite’ and make a small change, or a ‘large bite’ and make a bigger change. Work your way through all the bites, collecting rewards and celebrating your success as you go.


Actions Small bites Big bites
Refresh the fridge

Ditch the soft drinks

Swap sugary drinks for healthier drinks

All small bites
Switch up the snacks

Kick the confectionary

Rethink cakes and muffins

Switch to healthier snacks

All small bites
Change up the menu

Boost veggies and salad

Skip the deep fryer

Offer healthier pies and pastries

All small bites
Put the 'fun' into fundraising and marketing

Add health appeal to meal deals

Make an impact with marketing

Get creative with healthy fundraising

All small bites

For more details on the specific steps involved with each bite, check out our resources. 


Visit our case studies to see what changes schools have done.

Case Studies

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